As soon as the hail stopped last night, we were able to assess the extent of the damage. We found half of the roof of our sanitation processing building caved in, solar boiler tubes shattered, patio and porch roofs ripped off or seriously broken and shattered windows in a majority of bungalows.




Our chicken coop roofs caved in (luckily only killing one chicken out of almost 300), and the metal structure that supports our soccer court roof was heavily damaged on one side.



This roof not only protects the kids sports area from sun and rain, but more importantly, serves as a rain water captation system that supplies us with 25% of our tap water in the dry season. Also the wall of the sports court is cracked badly and near collapsing because the broken roof is pulling it down.




Our 200 avocado trees have been left bare of leaves and avocados. The hail was so strong that it even stripped the paint off of our perimeter walls! As we write this, both kids and staff are bailing the water and mud out of our homes and we are still receiving more damage reports.


Tashirat appears to have been right in line with the run of this storm, while our neighbors even a ¼  mile away on either side were hardly touched! We are shocked by the amount and degree of the damage caused by last night’s freak hailstorm. We don’t know how much this is going to cost us yet but we do know we need immediate help. Some of the structures are dangerous and we have to remove them or repair them right away for safety and functioning of basic systems such as our sanitation and water collection.

Please help us to raise the funds needed to make the necessary repairs. We have opened a crowd funding page this morning and we so appreciate any help you can offer! We feel so privileged to have friends and supporters to turn to in a time of need like this.


Thank you so much for your support.


The Tashirat Staff & Children


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