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Hello Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago Tashirat was featured on a Channel 11 nationally televised broadcast here in Mexico. Since it aired, we have received an influx of emails and offered volunteer support which is so exciting!

When the show taped a few months ago, we were looking for 28 new sponsors to help cover the expenses for the children that the child sponsorships do not cover, such as medical, orthodontics, speech and pyschological therapy.  Since the taping, we have received a few new sponsors but we are still in need of quite a few (food sponsors and other).  Once we have all the basic expense and food sponsors for our kids we will be accepting more children! Please help us spread the word!

Here is the video of the television broadcast.


In other exciting news, a friend and former volunteer of ours, David Casey, has started up an amazing organization called Earth Odyssey and they are launching therir 2013 – 2014  Project Nuevo Mundo.

Earth Odyssey 2013-2014 is a mobile village going from the U.S to Central America that will leave a positive trace at six to eight impact centers by providing skilled labor, professional media and publicity, and an array of workshops taught by our chosen Econauts (bus members) on living holistically with the planet. And Tashirat will be one of them!


This team is really coming at the best time and will be able to help us out with everything we have been working on with our self/sustainabilty project.  They will be able to help us a lot at our greenhouses, avocado orchard, chickens, compost building and other important areas that are ready to get started.

Please help Earth Odyssey to raise the funds they need to visit Tashirat and 10 other places in need of their expertise, time, dedication and enthusiasm. There are just a few days left to help them meet their fundraising goal!


Please donate and share:



Enjoy the video and please help support Earth Odyssey if you can.

All the best,

The Tashirat Staff Children

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