Tashirat Newsletter – December 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

Seasons Greetings! We are just recuperating from all the rehearsals and last minute preparations for our December 7th Holiday Event, so life in Tashirat is finally calming down!  For all of our friends in Mexico and abroad who could not make it, here are some pictures and a video clip of the show.  This is the aerial silks performance from the show that was choreographed by our oldest teen girl Anilem (Melina) age 17, who has been giving classes daily to all of the girls that are in this performance.  (Anilem is the one on the left in the final part of the performance.)




The kids did an opening yoga routine choreographed by Tashirat resident Vrindi.



Delan shared a few of his poems which he wrote especially for the event.


The Tashirat Percussion and Rhythm Class performed a short skit.


Misha during her first Aerial Silks performance ever!


Anilem and Thayana.


Anilem, Aerial Silks choreographer and director, during the performance.

The rest of the event included a slide show of the last ten years of our kids, a natural foods and artisanal product bazaar with beautiful live music.




This month we hosted a volunteer group called Project Nuevo Mundo for 5 days, who is on a 4 month mission throughout Central America helping places like ours improve their ongoing agriculture and self-sufficiency projects .  Thank you so much guys for your hard work and dedication.  We look forward to working with you for many years to come!




This month we said goodbye to Anna Cornish, who has been volunteering with us for the past 9 months.  Anna has been a beautiful addition to our community, a dynamic kindergarten teacher, an enthusiastic promoter of the arts and an initiator of many dance parties!!  But most importantly, just a really beautiful person.

Anna, we miss you a lot and wish you the best in London.  We all so hope to see you back here soon!


IMG_0117 (2).jpgsmall

We know it’s almost Christmas, but we still wanted to share those promised photos of the kids all dressed up for Halloween. One of the real highlights of this holiday actually took place the whole week prior to the actual event, which they spent sewing the final touches on their own costumes. The kids had just learned to sew a week before with then volunteer Tyler Rosebush, so some of them were really inspired to get creative.


Here is Tyler getting spooked by Mikael’s homemade headless horseman outfit!!

10 o’clock the night before Halloween there was no stopping Anton and Mikael, who were still bright eyed and excitedly sewing pockets, patches and collars on their costumes, not to mention one 3 ½ foot long black felt trick o’ treat bag!  The kids had a great time visiting the homes of our new neighborhood of residents, who kindly made all sorts of healthy treats to share with the kids and beautiful “ofrendas” for them to see and enjoy. Here are a few snapshots from our Happy Halloween/Dia de Muertos celebrations!





Wishing you a happy holiday season full of love and laughter!

With lots of love,

Tashirat staff and children

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