Learning Center

Teacher Training Course

The Teacher Training Course curriculum includes three main subjects: Nutrition and Natural Medicine, Yoga and Meditation, and the Chakra Life Lessons. We recommend completing a one month Intensive Course in Tashirat before committing to the Teacher Training Course.  Part 1 of the training is a correspondence course, familiarizing the student with the Tashirat teachings and Cosmic Path.  The second part of the course is the practical training, and requires residing at Tashirat for a minimum of one month. Students have the option of completing all study requirements in the correspondence part of the course before arrival (this is highly recommended) or completing both Parts 1 & 2 while staying at the Tashirat Ashram.  The course duration will vary extensively, depending on the individual’s background knowledge and experience in the different areas.

Tashirat is a Cosmic Learning Center therefore the teaching style is somewhat different. We do not provide lectures for all the information that is available in books. We provide the student with study guides and the time for independent studies. Teachers are always available through written communication to answer questions.  The real learning happens through everyday living experience of the life lessons and personal practice in the daily open Yoga classes and meditations.  Students receive three – five training consultations / classes a week.

The course concludes with a written exam, covering all three subjects. In Nutrition and Yoga there will be a practical exam as well. Successfully completing the one month in the Tashirat Learning Center, interacting with students and staff, learning to express your thoughts and feelings openly, and  preparing all your own meals, is an integral part of the Teacher Training. Understanding English is a prerequisite for the course, as it is an international language. Examinations will be given in English, however students may answer in their mother tongue.  Certification is based on the successful completion of all practical and theoretical examinations.

An important part of the Course is the daily service work. On one’s spiritual path, it is the ego that stands between one and God. Selfless service is one of the easiest ways to break the ego. Regardless of how much knowledge one acquires, or how good one’s Yoga or Nutrition practice, if the Chakra 4 heart center is not opened, the Chakra 5 and 6 life experiences will also be blocked. Therefore an integral part of our program entails two to three hours of service in the most needed areas at the time of your stay: general maintenance, cleaning, cultivation, kitchen prep, computer, child care, music or art classes with the children who live on the ashram, or private tutoring with the Ixaya school children (Spanish required).