Noticias de Tashirat – Septiembre 2014

Queridos amigos y familia, Como la mayoría de ustedes saben, esta primavera en plena temporada de sequía, nos sorprendió una granizada tremenda que causo muchos daños. Fue todo un shock, porque ese día había sido caluroso, y de repente un par de horas después, el suelo estaba cubierto con casi treinta centímetros de hielo! Durante […]

Tashirat Newsletter – September/October 2014

Dearest friends and family, As most of you know, this spring, at the height of our dry season, we were hit with a devastating hailstorm. It was quite a shock because right before the storm began it was about 90 degrees, and a couple of hours later the ground was covered with almost a foot […]


As soon as the hail stopped last night, we were able to assess the extent of the damage. We found half of the roof of our sanitation processing building caved in, solar boiler tubes shattered, patio and porch roofs ripped off or seriously broken and shattered windows in a majority of bungalows. Our chicken coop […]

Noticias de Tashirat – Febrero 2014

Queridos amigos, Hemos tenido muchas actividades emocionantes desde diciembre, muchas de las cuales giran en torno a la gran cantidad de visitantes que solemos recibir durante esta época del año. Muchos voluntarios han ido y venido (algunos de ellos se han quedado) durante las fiestas y siguen llegando nuevos voluntarios. Nuestros eventos de Navidad y […]

Tashirat Newsletter – February 2014

Dear Friends, We've had a lot of exciting activities going on since December, much of which centered around the many visitors we often receive around this time of year. We've had many volunteers come and go (or come and stay) over the holidays and new volunteers continue to arrive.   Our Christmas and New Years […]

Tashirat Newsletter – December 2013


Dear Friends and Family, Seasons Greetings! We are just recuperating from all the rehearsals and last minute preparations for our December 7th Holiday Event, so life in Tashirat is finally calming down!  For all of our friends in Mexico and abroad who could not make it, here are some pictures and a video clip of […]

Tashirat Newsletter – October 2013


Dear Friends, This fall has been full of fun happenings for the kids. Jamal came from London for his ninth year volunteering in Tashirat. Jamal´s sister, Shelpe, and coworker/friend, Lee, also joined him for several weeks. They all spent many hours dedicated to teaching the kids. It is always sad for the kids to see […]

Tashirat on TV!!!


Hello Everyone, A couple of weeks ago Tashirat was featured on a Channel 11 nationally televised broadcast here in Mexico. Since it aired, we have received an influx of emails and offered volunteer support which is so exciting! When the show taped a few months ago, we were looking for 28 new sponsors to help […]

Tashirat Newsletter – September 2013


Dear Family and Friends, This summer flew by and was full of activity! In the last couple months we celebrated a bunch of birthdays:  Sherise, Josh and Mikael turned 13, Misha turned 15, and Ani turned 8 years old. Dance parties are the “in” thing right now with our kids.  It is really cute to […]

Tashirat Newsletter – July/August 2013


Dearest Family and Friends, This month marked Tashirat Orphanage’s 10th anniversary! Ten years ago, July 3rd 2003, we received our first 9 children from the DIF (child welfare) here in Mexico. Many of our younger children arrived in later years, but quite a few of our older children were among those who arrived in our […]