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Bus Directions

1. TAXI – To the left of customs, there is a small window where tickets are sold for taxis. Ask for Tasqueña (the name of the bus station) it sounds like tas-cane-ya. The ticket will cost about $100 pesos. (Or you can take the metro for $2 pesos.)

2. TIP THE BAGGAGE CARRIER – $20 pesos is a good tip.

3. TASQUENA BUS STATION – The taxi will take you to the bus station.

4. PULLMAN MORELOS BUS STAND – Enter the station through the last doors to the right. In front of you, you will see the Pullman Morelos bus stand (there are many different bus stands, Pullman is the last to the right).

5. BUY A TICKET TO TEPOZTLAN – (pronounced Tep-oats-lan). The ticket will say the departure time and the exit number. Go to the back of the station and out the doors to the buses.

6. CHECK the board that lists departures for your bus and where it is going to leave from (they change exit sometimes). Also ask when you get on the bus if it is going to Tepoztlan just to make sure.

7. TEPOZTLAN – From the time the bus leaves the station it should take about 50mins -1hr to arrive in Tepoztlan. The bus will pull into the local gas station once in Tepoztlan.  There will be taxis there waiting to take passengers into town.

8. TAXI – TASHIRAT – Tell the taxi driver you are going to TASHIRAT (say ta-she-raat).  If they don´t know us (most do) say Carretera Sto. Domingo, Ocotitlan km 4.5 (poquito mas arriba del Jardin Del Sol). You will see to your right a large property with a stone wall and an archway called the Jardin del Sol. Up the hill just a little farther on the left you will see a Tashirat Casa Hogar sign. (You can say to the driver, “aqui”) Honk the horn and we’ll open the gate.

Tashirat Phone Numbers

From outside Tepoztlan – 01 739 395 3448 or 01 739 395 3758
From Tepoztlan – 395 3448 or 395-3758

Sto. Domingo Ocotitlan, Tepoztlan. Morelos

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